Market Intelligence

We provide vital, key information on your target markets by integrating all aspects of this intelligence, such as market research and creation of data bases. Our consulting agency creates market intelligence reports related to growth opportunities in numerous industries such as Finance, Construction, Tourism, Retail, F&B, IT and Energy. 


As we also consult foreign companies in starting and expanding activities in Azerbaijan, it is important to deliver detailed and insight information on wide range of crucial factors such as country profile, market size, growth drivers, competitive landscape, trends, and forecasts.

Business Partner Search

We offer solutions to overseas companies in identifying potential business partners in Azerbaijan in terms of finding distributors, agents, investors, joint venture partners, reciprocal production partners, subcontracting or outsourcing opportunities. By assessing this search we provide a report with contact details along with their basic marketing information, our opinion of their level of interest, together with our assessment of the overall suitability of the identified companies.


Potential clients are able to request advertised partnerships enquired by our local partners for free.

Meeting Arrangement

Based on your needs we can assist in arranging relevant meetings throughout Azerbaijan within both private and public sector. Our established contacts and reliable relations allow setting up a meeting with top-management and high-level government officials.


This includes scheduling a time, providing interpretation, trip assistance, post-meeting reviews and minutes.

Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing strategy consultant services of our company include market assessment, “STP” framework development (i.e., Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning), and marketing plan development. We can take care of all the steps in this process: developing and implementing your online and digital marketing strategy; delivering direct marketing campaigns; managing your advertising and PR; developing your corporate identity and branding. You can outsource all your marketing activity to us or we can simply help out in the areas where you need most assistance.

Organisation of Trade Missions

The Prime Consulting assists in organization of made-to-measure private business visits and FAM trips to the region for the group representing specific industry or country. The profiles of the prospective visits are agreed in pre-trip meetings with government officials and public sector representatives. 


Then, we start filtering possible contacts in line with your requirements and needs and making appointments on your behalf. Additionally and should you so require, we can handle the organisational aspects of the trip: plane tickets, hotels, car hire, interpreters, etc.

Partner Representation Support

We provide representation service for our established partners on off-site basis and representation at events such as conferences and exhibition. Dedicated telephone, email and fax service for trade and/or consumer make it possible for foreign firms to save time, increase productivity having virtual representative office in Azerbaijan.


For those companies with limited human resources and international experience, but who with the need to expand in Azerbaijan and to diversify risks, we can act as an export department. Using the predefined goals, we approach target markets and customers, negotiate on your behalf, close deals and fulfill all those tasks inherent to the post.

Legal Services

Through our affiliated law firm, LEXLATA, wide range of legal services are offered in the following areas: corporate and commercial law, employment law, intellectual property rights, competition law, banking and finance law, migration law, aviation law. The firm develops solid and workable solutions taking into consideration the economical interests that they affect. Our aim is implementation of these solutions for achievement of the best possible commercial outcomes.  Legal team consists of highly experienced and qualified lawyers ready to meet every challenge in a quickly and efficient way that any firm is willing to outsource.

Event Management and Promotion

Through The Prime Events, we can organize business forums, roundtables, award ceremonies, receptions, exhibitions, conferences and product launches. This kind of events allows companies to discover new markets, find business partners, provide new products/services to consumers that follow the current trends and share mutual experiences. Therefore, we will coordinate all aspects of your event from start to finish including venue selection, scheduling transportation, F&B, invitation design and etc.

Arrangement of Azerbaijani Visa
Tourism Services

Through Visa-Azerbaijan center we assist our clients and partners to obtain an electronic visa to Azerbaijan. Without visiting an embassy and any hassle, it can be applied for a visa online and get it within 5 (five) working days.

Professionals in the tourism agency for more than 20 years can assist with any hospitality request, providing corporate rates for local hotels, last minute flight tickets and airport transfers.

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